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opera no sync

king 6 years ago updated by nimbusweb 6 years ago 30

opera no sync

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FVD Speed Dial? What error do you see?

bookmark Overwrite local data


but no sync

I need more details. Don't see bookmarks in your list of bookmarks?

i overwrite local data but no sync

in firefox can sync

when chrome sync (overwrite local data) finishes, does it show that it was successfully finished or nothing happened?

i only use firefox and opera.
all show success

firefox sync

opera not sync

Did you see sync failed error? Did you use Download option in EverSync?

oh man

I think you should try your lab first.

Many people have this problem on opera.

  • So you can search this word `eversync opera not sync`

We fixed this problem in last version. Opera has different structure and we optimezed EverSync specially for Opera. We can't reproduce your problem. Can you describe step by step?

1.open opera

2.open everhelper

3.add bookmark in ever helper

4.download overwrite local data

5.show success

6.opera not sync

same method in Firefox

1-6 same

7.firefox sync

If you can't understand maybe you should teamviwer my PC.

you can give me your e-mail

eversync can auto update??

What the name of the folder where you add it (in Menu Toolbars)?

What's the version of EverSync

and firefox

i think i give you all information.

iam sorry if you cant reslove it.

What the name of the folder where you add bookmark in http://everhelper.me/client/ (in Menu Toolbars or Unsorted)?

folder 休閒娛樂相關

Toolbar>KING>休閒娛樂相關>add bookmark

i will sleep bye..

Can we try Teamview today?


What time you free?

Do you have line or facebook?

I'm waitng our developer. I will write.

Can we try TeamView now? Please write you id and passcode to fvdmedia@gmail.com

already send to him .

Plz check

Please try this version for test - https://www.dropbox.com/s/15u4o1f4o5hpvfi/sync_opera.28.10.2016.zip?dl=0

Can you install extensions from archive?

how to install this archive?

You need to download zip, then unzip and install extension from

archive in Developer mode - http://nimb.ws/J4yzq0

Thx !it work.