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How to uninstall?

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Hello, i install this only to give a try, it's nice addon but because i wanna try also others, i'm going to uninstal.... and can't find New Tab Page in my extentions. If i visit Chrome Store at the speed dial section, i can see NTP and indeed i see the little green oblique stripe that say: "added". That means it's recognized as well by the Store, but i can't get rid of it.... how to? Thanks in advance to whom help me.

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You can manage your extensions on this page chrome://extensions/

Hi, thanks for reply. This addon in NOT listed in my extentions page...

DO you mean NTP or FVD Speed Dial

I mean NTP (i'm on Vivaldi browser)

It is strange :( I don't know (


Ok, no problem, thanks anyway. I will do a fresh install of Vivaldi... bye