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Will erase Speed Dial!

ROman 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 4

I cant import a file to speed dial because of too many registration shit. Ill find another dialer with more simple regulations.

Under review


Did you try to import to other browser?

I just wanted to export from FF and import to Chrome...

Ended up deleting speed dial.

You keep adding more shit that require more registrations. You FORCE people to use unneeded services.

I do not want to sign up for more shit. (like a bazillion of other users out there)

Add an "Advanced settings" tab to the "settings" and throw all that staff there. Google made milions just by keeping home page clean.

It's not that hard to add an upload file button is it? But you have not done it for 3 years now!

Someone needs to get fired for this fuck up.

Firefox has different structure and we can't make one file that will work for several browsers. You don't need to create separate account and we support Login via Google and Facebook.

A monkey could have made a file to support several browsers.

URL+Picture+csv with settings (and position) That's all you basically need.

Any way i don't care i'm out.

It's your problems you lose users that way. good luck