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ik heb fvd speed dial als homepage gezet en als ik chrome opstart komt hij niet als begin pagina

jasonachtien18 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 29
Under review


Can you send more details? Do you want FVD Speed Dial as start page?

yes i want fvd speed dial as start page

What do you see on your start page? And tell me your browser.

my browser is google chrome and i see somthing arabish (my english is not good)

Open this page - chrome://settings/

And send screenshot of this option - https://nimbus.everhelper.me/client/notes/share/602639/orogdx9n8pm9cee8pr8d

how do i create a screenshot

i have the screenshot how i send the screenshot to here

You can send file to fvdmedia@gmail.com

one problem my mail doesnt work

need i to describe som things of that page

that link what you send my i see the same as that

Do you see FVD Speed Dial? Strange. Please try to disable all addons except FVD Speed Dial and try again.

i have only that one and i did re-activate it and i stil get that arabish page from ali-expres

Arabish page as start page?

yes and som times it starting it automatic

Maybe will try http://teamviewer.com/ tomorrow? It is strange behaviour.

I shal try it.

De other page in the begin is www.trafic-media.co

It is adware urls. How did you install FVD Speed Dial? Did you install from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/speed-dial-fvd-new-tab-pa/llaficoajjainaijghjlofdfmbjpebpa?hl=en ?

Please try to uninstall and install again.

Why i need to try it tomorow

Are they down at this time

I have instaled it from that link

Tell me passcode and id for Teamviewr

I dont have an acc i gonna create an acc now

You don't need acc. Teamview give passcode and id after install

im in the instal progam and i need to chose for three butons.

1. Prive

2. Company

3. Both

ID:668 402 649