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How can I find my FVD Soeed Dial url address for Firefox?

clmockbee1 8 years ago updated by premier69 5 years ago 10

I am running Firefox. My address bar shows a Chrome prefix on my url. I can not get the flickering on my desktop to stop.How do I find the correct url for Firefox?

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Do you mean this url - chrome://fvd.speeddial/content/fvd_about_blank.html ?


hey ho!

what would be the adressin firefox? i am trying to set it as the start page for new tabs in Android

yes. Is that correct for Firefox? If so, do you know how the get FVD to stop flickering? Thank You.

It is FVD Speed Dial url for Firefox. Can you describe this flicks?

When I turn my computer on FVD is my homepage. The whole page flickers off and on, off and on, etc. Sometimes a few of the speed dials only disappear and comes back on. It does not matter how long I keep my homepage on it never quits flickering.

I turned off autoupdate and it worked. Thank you. So what does autoupdate do? What does it update?

It need for update preview of dials from sites.

This is to update tiles. Sometimes it doesn't work right..

Thank you for your help in this situation You are the only one that answered. Jesus Is Lord..