Mozilla Firefox, bookmarks disappear

bansonstudioxxx 7 years ago updated by Gleb Khegay 5 years ago 4

Mozilla Firefox, bookmarks disappear

I had the same problem last night. 

In the middle of the night, my bookmark count went from 2300 to 30.

I have automatic sync turned on.  No one was using the computer.  It was password locked.

Hello! Did you sync your data with our server?

We updated EverSync and there was some bugs that we already fixed.

Do you have backups in EverSync Backup tab?

I had automatic sync turned on so... "I" didn't do the sync that killed my bookmarks; but Firefox did.

Yes, I do have backups... thanks to EverSync.  :-)   

I was able to recover them, but it was very scary to see almost all my bookmarks gone.

We've updated EverSync once again. Install the latest version and check if everything works fine.

Thank you!