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Are you going to write Speed Dial for Microsoft Edge?

Michael Wells 7 лет назад обновлен Andy Pakebusch 5 лет назад 10

I love Microsoft Edge and with the addition of their Extensions on the Windows Store will you please write a Speed Dial for Edge/

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yes, once they make API available


Yes please do! I love your extensions and edge is fast browser. It just lacks a decent speed dial. The moment your speeddial is available, I'm adding it to edge! No one has made a speeddial yet, so you could be first!



We are waiting API from Edge )


Any progress on the API? I'm so looking forward to this.


I would also like to know, I like FVD Speed Dial, but I'm not using Chrome at the moment, would love to have it available for Edge.


Not yet, lack of functionality. Hope they improve it in 2018

Happy New Year!


Not to be rude, but the browser wars between Firefox and Chrome has made them turned into poop. If your service can't function with Edge, I won't wait up.  I will switch over to Edge without you. Your call. 


Hey all, It has already been stated that Microsoft has not released the API for Edge.

Therefor no FVD Speed Dial until they do.

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