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False Monthly Traffic Limit Reached

Perseus01 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 5

Trying to evaluate Nimbus Note as a replacement to Evernote and it was looking good till I started to get a error stating I've reached my "monthly traffic limit (100MB)..." which pops up continuously unless I stop the TSR side of it completely. If I had done enough to get to this point OK but I might have done a few MB at a maximum. Looking into my account tab it even states that I have a very small green bar (<5MB estimated high). So it is hard to give it a good evaluation when it is already messing up plus continuously nagging to get me to do a payed upgrade when the evaluation version doesn't work.

Under review


Maybe you have big files? Please try again.

All my files (about 50) consist of only text. An example is below. No pictures or anything large. How is 50 (0-10k or less) notes going to add up to 100MB?

07:45 - Arrived in plenty of time for the Swiber conference call at 08:30.

08:00 - Made call to Chuck about no call number for 08:30 Swiber Call.

10:00 - Various emails sent and answered about the request to split out Swiber Strainer skid to be fullt redundent. In the end Swiber saying they don't want to spend the money but will discuss further with ONGC about the issue.

Rest of day spent on generally on Swiber and Fluor

Now it seams to be working all of a sudden. If it is fixed then thanks for what ever you did.

You have big attach in Marketing Meeting... note. I set your account as premium )

I deleted Attachments previously (the entire notes for that matter) as they were old stuff that I didn't even mean to import into Nimbus. Didn't see that they were there or that they were that big.

Sorry for the inconvienence.