I'd like to arrange my dials in a grid

Gabor Visi 7 years ago updated by Lucato ML 4 years ago 1

If the fancy style is used the dials will be placed in a flow as I add them. I'd like to have the possiblity to define a grid (e.g. 6 by 4 dials) and arrange my dials on that, so that I can also leave empy spaces between them (like you arrange your icons on a desktop).

Anyway, great work, thanks!

I agree. Like we do on our smartphone by placing the icons the way we want. It would have an option in the settings to pick grid option (so you drag and place the way you want and can have empty "slots"/dial places) or an option to place dias as it is now a days (sliding the others).
I'd like to organize the dials as Gabor said a 3 years ago and we still don't have it.