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sync have not worked for several days

Niklas Andersson 8 ár síðan Uppfært 8 ár síðan 6

I keep getting "Syncing process failed. Please try again later."
I tried logging out and in again so now i have to set initial sync again
and both merge and download gives the same error.

Under review


Bookmarks or dials?

Do you try to Upload or Download? Please tell me your account.


i have tried merge and download
I'm guessing i would get the same error with upload
but i don't want to try that

missed that last part...

Please try to sync again.

it worked

and the sorting is supposed to be "Oldest first"
but "Please try to sync again." is at the top...
it's slightly annoying

Ok, our dev team will check problem soon.

another bug i just saw:
the comments sorting function does not work properly
my reply is for some reason seen as the oldest right now...
even if the sorting is for newest first I think a reply should still be bellow the comment it replied to