Auto preview should be the default option

Direll Alexander 11 років тому оновлено nimbusweb 11 років тому 3

I love this software but only one thing nags me and that is that the auto preview for the speedial is not default and as a result i must go thru every tab on every pc i own and cut this option on and i have a lot of synced content.


All new dials are on Auto Mode, but we didn't changed old ones because there is a chance that someone would like to use custom images.

You need to change only on one PC and sync. This setting should be applied on the rest PCs automatically. Please, check.

As stated in another comment, if I re-import my settings, all are set to manual, but on a fresh, re-installed Extension, I have no Dial images, so I would like to set them AUTO and then together with missing refresh all feature I can easily get all images back (for restricted pages I need to open those dials first and log in to get a logged-in view)

At least add a button "set all dials auto-refresh" then...Think of all the different use cases and audience types. Not all are basic users, some are techies and need more flexibility