Adding simple features or modifying existing ones that would improve the way it can be used and make it more efficient.

Scattered Soul 8 years ago 0
I want to be able to change the sizes of the dials to a smaller size than the ones allowed in settings
and an option to be able to make the dials closer together. This way I could keep all my dials in one page
and not on 2; and this tends to happen to me by adding 2 or 3 dials and having to make and decision
as to wether it's worth it having added those extra dials since I have to move the page
to be able to access them Anyway if you guy could add this features I'd appreciate it greatly and would
make another donation than the one I'm about to make since I'm in love with speed dial.
Sincerely: Reinaldo Cordova a fan of your app, cheers.