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Synchronization is not working. Why?

CoolSima Greinget 8 years ago updated by nimbusweb 7 years ago 3
On one computer, but in diffrent users synchronization is not working. Why? Help, please.
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I need more details. Firefox or Chrome? Do you try to sync bookmarks or dials? What is error appearing?

I run firefox on Win7 and Linux, it works great !

However on Linux using Chromium or Win7 using Chrome browser, I show 2836 online, but 1838 in my browser, it is the same in both.

The bookmarks are all situated in the Bookmarks Bar, if this is important.

I have tried,

Downloading all bookmarks, same result

Merge bookmarks no change

Deleting all my bookmarks and downloading the bookmarks again, same result.

Uninstalling EverSync extension and then re-installing and doing a synch same results.

Any ideas would be apreciated.



Please tell me your account.