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I never got any money you told me and Carolyn to come get she brong me over there the screatary told me she would take care of it personally they ripped my arm off trown me all around in the little cage I about died Paul E Bross @Bross Bross Thomas and savey I thought you were a good person the Cigars I dropped off the box didn't fit the mail shoot in the door my arm is still messed up and I still never received a Dime what restitution should I seek 

I believe that the Florida bar should have known about this matter and maximum settlement agreements and indemnification liability coverage maximum settlement costs and attorney's fees and costs incurred 

I Edward maurice McDowell  Report a fraudulent acts of Paul E Bross at bross Thomas and savey Paul representing me when I was railroaded my arm was ripped off my shoulder I about died put in a metal box and shackled I thought I was going to die and I about did aft er my release date I about didn't make it they told my brother Dave and Paul told me he had my check Carolyn parent tuck me down there jef Dave 

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