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Hi, All my speed dials are gone. How can I retrieve them? Looking forward to your answer.

Radu Vlasie 10 years ago updated by nimbusweb 9 months ago 12
Do you have EverSync installed?
It is the first time I have encountered this issue.
Who should be blamed, because when I opened EverSync and pressed the synchronize button all I have obtained was a blank white milky page and no dials nor other commands.
As I said above, all that I have obtained by pressing the EverSync pictogram from the right up corner it was a blank page. Anyway, thank you for the nimbus clip. It was very helpful, indeed.
If you have any explanation for the issue raised, please feel free and contact me.
Kind regards,

Sounds to me like your data on the server has been deleted., I guess this could have been a problem on the server side, but it's more likely that you have accidentaly pressd the "upload" button at the wrong time and copied over your server data with blank data. If you open the EverSync options and click on the Account tab it will show you how many items you have stored on the server and how many are currently in your browser., If I was you I would check there first to see if there is still any data on the server., You can also click the EverSync button and selct "My EverHelper Account" from the menu to open a web page that will show you all of your data in much more detail...  If you do have data on the server and it's not syncing correctly I would suggest deleting the add-on and re-installing it., If there is no data on the server then you can also open the options dialog and restore your data from a local backup (provided of course that you have created a local backup). Personally, I make a local backup about once a week and keep it on a jump drive that I use to backup pictures and documents. All of that stuff is also on a cloud service, but hell, you can NEVER have too many backups... Good Luck restoring your data...
Hi Eric,
It seems that everything is in order now. I started my browser and it opened with all my speed dials as it never was any problem there before. I do not know what sort of problem it was. I will certainly make use of your advice and I will make a local backup for future situations. Again, thank you for your advices and expertise.

Please open http://everhelper.me/client/ with your sync email and check your dials and bookmarks.
My EverHelper account is empty. There are no speed dials. How can I manage to import those from  Chrome when all that it does is to prompt me the web store. How can I import my dials?

You need upload your dials to Everhelper. You need make local backup before upload your dials.
Yes. I already did that. But all it shows me is the number of the speed dials and the number of bookmarks. When I tryed to synchronize them it looked like it was working but for a few hours nothing has happened.
Only this morning when I started chrome browser the speed dials page appeared.

lost all my dials , and dont have any local backup, and server backup shows 0 dials

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Do you see your dials here - https://everhelper.me/client/ ?