I'd like the ability to change the background depending on which group I'm in.

James Ficken 11 years ago updated by Walter LeSaulnier 8 years ago 6

I agree.  For example, I would love to be able to put a picture of a shuttle launch for a "Science" group, but use different pictures for my other groups.  An added bonus to being able to set a background for each group would be that I could know instantly which group I am in (particularly when first opening a new tab) just by looking at the background.  Groups I would like to have the same background for I could easily set with the same picture.  I have another new tab addon that I used before finding FVD, which allowed me to use backgrounds for various groups, and that was the one feature I liked most about it.

Yes, this would be very useful, also it wouldn't be hard to change for the programmers, definately something worth looking into.
Agreed.  I'm coming from Firefox and it's Speed Dial add-on (another developer) has this ability. Very handy.

This would be epic! Non offensive background for the work tab and more appropriate "F ur sense of decency" backgrounds for everything. Please code!

This would add a great "bell & whistle" to an already great extension.