Scolling Page Up and Down

RichyB 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 1
I have FVD set as my home page and it has about 50 tabs i use often. When i click on a new tab i cannot scroll the page without first clicking on the page or pressing tab twice. I have search disabled because i use duck duck go instead of google. I also have a problem with an extension called Grab and Drag which simply does not work on the FVD homepage. I have used Grab and Drag for a long time as I don't like using scroll bars or the wheel. I have tried disabling the (awesomebar / location bar) search function in firefox but the cursor always focuses in the address bar. Basically when FVD page loads i'd like it to be focused on immediately but without the google search function on the page). 
Hi when i say tabs i mean tiles i think :)