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To be able to share my speed dial with someone else would be great. As a teacher, I could set one up and share with my students.

Mr. Purdy 9 years ago updated by Hilary Reynolds 8 years ago 5
Most things these days can be shared between people on the web. Looked through the setup and found nothing. Wondered if it would be possible. It would be a great thing for teachers to be able to set up links and have students install them on their machine.
Under review
Hi, we are working on that.

As for right now you can install EverSync, create account and give it to your students. Once they install it, they will sync and get all dials from you. Note: that they can make changes and sync also. More specialized solutions will be done this year.

I would love to share my dials with my girlfriend also.

Selective sharing would be most handy.

I have my own dials and do research for 2 of our businesses who are very different from each others: a dental surgery with facial facilities and an estate agency. With DropBox, Lastpass and Evernote it is most easy to share information between different accounts.

It really would be great if it would be possible to selectively share dials with FVD Speed Dials: URL + Title + Preview.

Could you please contact as and discuss your user case at team@nimbusweb.co

Right now we are working on business solution and your feedback will be very valuable for us.


I have to agree selective sharing would be utterly fantastic. By this I mean the ability to share chosen Groups with selected people For example, the ability to create a group for a project and share it with only members of the project team, which all members could update.