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mgbjay 9 years ago updated by nimbusweb 9 years ago 1
I thought I would take a minute and inquire about a question I asked a couple of weeks ago. Is there any chance you are now or going to be working on a way to "secure" the SPEED DIAL site in a way that makes it global, instead of on a per-site basis.

I am a student at a local community college and have classes on three different campuses. As a result, I have reason to use SPEED DIAL on quite a few different computers over the course of a week and having different passwords for each time every time does become rather tedious. I understand this is not your problem, but I really do use SPEED DIAL daily and it would be a most helpful addition to an already useful tool. Keeping the user e-mail private would be useful as well. Suppose I forget to log out of a college lab computer I was doing homework on and then left for the day, or to another class in a hurry. Even though the school resets all the computers on each campus every evening at 2300 hours, other people have access to that computer for the rest of the day, leaving my information and P/W's vulnerable.

This ought to work across all browsers, CHROME, FF, Pale Moon, OPERA, maybe even IE.

Just a thought.

Thanks for listening.
Under review

I didn't quite understood what exactly you offered. Do you want to implement auto logout feature in EverSync?