After upgrading to Firefix 24.0 FVD speed dial is not shown after last tab closed

Dmitry Dedukhin 10 years ago updated by Roman Mamashev 8 years ago 3
Instead, I see browser's blank page.
But if I open new tab FVD speed dial is shown correctly.
I've mannually solved this by setting browser.newtab.url=chrome://fvd.speeddial/content/fvd_about_blank.html in about:config

Thanks for the tip. I tried specifying it in Settings (not in about:config) and it didn't work. Manual editing in about:config works like a charm

Is there any possibilities where in we can retrieve website addresses??
Try going to your EverHelper account (https://www.everhelper.me/client/). All your synchronized bookmarks and page buttons should all be there.