No longer lets me update dials/rolls back dials/dials move to new positions on their own

Sehra Farron il y a 10 ans 0
I've noticed for the past week that Speed Dial no longer saves my bookmarks properly when I set them, nor does it let me update them by pasting a new link in the URL box. It will save the link for a few hours and then when I want to go back to a certain site and click on the dial for it, it brings me to the old URL rather than the new one. It keeps rolling back. For example, if I'm reading something and I save the URL, then later I'll read a little more and save my progress by updating the dial, if I go back to it later it will have rolled back to a previous chapter rather than the one I saved the dial for.

Also, I've noticed that bookmarks don't stay where I put them. What I mean is that they actually move from one spot to another without my having prompted them to do so.