Sync never, ever in sync between browsers or PC's.

Mike Weissenborn fa 11 anys 0

I always have to manually update server or browser and get totally lost.  Deleted links may show up months later, nothing ever seems in sync, the server doesn't seem to get updates unless I do a replace.  I add new dial at work but don't see it at home...

Replace SUCKS on chrome as all dial images have to be re-generated.  Makes no sense that I have to waste hr's waiting for regeneration when perhaps 2-3 items have changed.

FF seems to be failing, but export from chrome and import to FF fails.  So I cannot sync FF.  Since OS upgrade FF no longer allows login to your site.

Chrome/FF do not appear to be similar products when using any admin functions, dials are much closer if they're ever in sync.

3 months ago I would have rated you high for the speed dial sync ability, now I'm thinking less speed dials and using another product for bookmarks.  You are not in the boat alone, it seems os/browser/pc changes seems to mess up one  product or another, which doesn't make sense since there all web based.  The plugins/add-ons/extensions just seem to break with other upgrades, so the least impact is likely the best option.