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Inobat Barakaeva 10 jaar geleden bijgewerkt door Max Headroom 10 jaar geleden 2
1. i don't understan why it's automatically downloading "Sprite_Vector_White" (*.svg type file) as soon as a new tab has been opened. suggestions: i should have changed something in settings, but have no ideas exactly where. help me, please, to solve this annoying problem. wasting my time by pressing "cansel" button.
2. is it possible to change yandex searchbar to google?
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Do you use Speed Dial or Most Visited?
Multiple folders (up to 29 folders) showing a "Sprite_Vector_White" folder, pops up when clicking a new tab. You have to physically click 'cancel' on every folder stacked on top of each other. This looks very much like the behaviour of a virus or malware downloaded with either Google Drive or some other extension. Please check all of your extensions for hijackers to help narrow the confusion of 'whose' extension is responsible.