Lock speed dial layout

Haavard Boehmer 11 років тому оновлено Carina Parry 8 років тому 4
Hi. I'd like a way to lock down the layout of the dials so they don't move if I resize the browser window. For example so the top-right dial is always the same site. I click on pages based on where I know they are, but if they move I click the wrong one. Other speed-dials I've used did this.
Agreed. I like to layout my dials in specified areas and the moving around with window re-sizing makes it very annoying. Don't make me go back to Chrome!
Set Vertical as the dial scroll type (the default I think, under the Appearance tab), then right click on an open area of a group, select 'columns' then take it out of Auto and pick a number.  It would be nice if the choices went past 4, but thats what it is. 

This app was made when the biggest res screens was maybe 1600.  I'd say that average now, not the biggest.  Other threads here want the dial size max increased from the present 260px wide.  Other add-ons let it be say 90% of the page width, where they get larger/smaller as needed.  The feel to the user is always the same.  But, nothing really changes here, so I think the FVD guys appear to be vacationing on a beech, using all that Search Bar kickback money.

Thanks JeeperDon, I've been using this for a few years now, but didn't know about setting the vertical, looks heeps better too.

I wonder how many speed dials one can have on the browser without making it crash? I have 484 in mine.