Open dial in the current tab

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When I click the toolbar button, I want the speed dial to open in the current tab.


You can change this setting in Speed Dial options

I can stop the dial opening via the new tab button, but there's no way make the toolbar button open the dial in the current tab.  It always opens in a new tab.

If you want to open FVD Speed Dials itself in current tab - there is no such option right now...

Try this option for dials.

Sorry, I realise now that my wording wasn't too great.  I'm glad you figured out what I meant anyway.

I do use the option you suggested, but it would be nice if you could implement an option to open "FVD Speed Dial" in the current tab so I can reuse it instead of having to close the tab and create a new one.

If I remember correctly the option is already available in the Firefox version and also overriding the home button.  Either of those would be fine.  

Other than this one option, FVD Speed Dial works great for me.  I've stopped using bookmarks altogether. :)


we will add it in todo, to fix it