Auto refresh tabs, annoying new window toolbar showing.

Anatolii Slyvka 9 year бұрын updated by nimbusweb 9 year бұрын 8

I have 25+ tabs, and for some of them I need to have fresh screenshot every 10-20 min. So, every 10-20 min I start to see this "beautiful show" with screen capturing process... Is there a way to do it more useful?

Under review

What's your OS version?

you can change auto preview to manual preview or turn off Auto-refresh.

Thx for fast reply.

Windows 7, x64.

So, as I understood there is no way to make it more simplest? :(

Need just auto refresh, as my "lovely vanilla old Opera" =)

You can set auto-refresh to certain interval

you can turn off auto-refresh

you can change your dials' images to manual or custom images from your computer or our gallery.


Thank You.

Seems I need to say more detilas about my problem, and why I asked it again and again =)

Here on screenshot u can see, what I see, every time extension refresh screens.

So, there is new window opens, and I always see it. Of course, after - 1-2 sec this "small windows" disapear.

My question is - can Your extension do updates of my "tabs" in some silent way, I would not like to see this windows thousand of time.

Is it a bug or feature? ;)


// Instagram website refreshing now

// Some other website refreshing, image shows action : when I put mouse onto "small window"

Sad :(

But thank you for a good extension.

If u are looking for some feature improvements, I willl be a first person that is interesting in :)