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App Panel issue

slywlf 8 years ago updated by ssdaimin 4 years ago 4
I see by other feedback and your reply that the you are having technical difficulties with the left side app bar. OK, I can live with that. My problem is that when I click on the option to open the app page it will not close again - the "ctrl+ space" option opens it just fine and I can go back and forth between the two pages of apps, but it will not close again. I have been working around this by opening a new tab when I need my usual speed dial links but it is only a work around - can this be fixed? I won't even care about the separate page for apps if I can just get back and forth easily. Thanks - love this app!
Under review
We will fix this very soon.

the problem is I don't have app panel when I press on it it opens an app page, not the side panel

Thank you!!! ;-)
I'm waiting for this as well. Thank you for your question :)