Sort groups and dials

Stratos Laspas 11 years ago updated by Milk Bad 7 years ago 3

It would be useful if we could choose the sorting order of groups and dials. For example, they could appear in the order of creation, or numbers clicked, or alphabetically, or mannually


Yes, amazes me for serious use of speed dial there's no way to sort/ order or number. I'm sure regular users have quite a number of dials in multiple groups that will be far easier to use if sorted. Having ability to search and find speed dial will be valuable also.
I totally agree. It's ridiculous that you can't arrange them alphabetically/numerically automatically.

And what is the use of this forum if no-one from FVD replies?!

Alongside arrangement, I would enjoy being able to customize different "sections" or rows. for example being able to separate by online bill sites in a different spot on the speed dial page without a new group. I dont need tons of groups. just one page and sorting ability!