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Sync not working for speed dial

Dan Tharp 9 years ago updated by nimbusweb 9 years ago 1
Installed FVD Speed Dial and Eversync to synce dial settings (not bookmarks....I have another extension that does that) and it appears that on the first PC they upload fine.
However, when everything is setup on another PC and I go to download the dial settings, ONLY the bookmark is an option to download.
Also, when in dial and I click the sync icon, dial doesn't seem to recognize that Eversync is installed.
Likewise, when I click the Eversync icon on the chrome toolbar, Eversync doesn't seem to recognize that dial is installed.
It's like the two apps aren't talking to each other (on the second PC only).
I verified logins and accounts and uninstalled and re-installed, but no change.
Under review
Is FVD Speed Dial active in list of addons? Please tell me version of Chrome.