The empty dials are taking away from an otherwise great look.

Jack Neary il y a 11 ans mis à jour par east paw il y a 10 ans 7
One thing that takes away from the astetics is the full row of empty "+" dials. I'd love an option to hide the additional empty dials if possible. In any case, thank you for a fantastic product!
I agree; see also my topic "Extra 'Add Dial' Dials" for a visual.
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This is one thing I liked about Opera Speed Dial. It allowed you to select the number of columns as well as hide the unused dial.
Settings > Appearance > Show [+] speed dial button

Untick that and you're set!
east paw, I am aware of that setting, unfortunately I would like to keep one "+" dial while removing the others, rather than removing all of the "+" dials.  Thank you for your suggestions, however. :)