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RSS boomarks from Firefox are removed

Wojciech Gaweł 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 8
My RSS boomarks from Firefox are removed (os: Ubuntu 14.04, Firefox 37). They disappeared yesterday. I added new. They disappeared today. I know that they are not synchronized, but why are they removed?
Under review
Hmm, problem only with this bookmark?
Yes, all rss bookmarks was in "RSS" folder in toolbar. RSS bookmarks disappeared, folder "RSS" exists but is empty.
Strange. Autosync is enable? Can you tell me example url of bookmark.
Autosync is enable.
Example bookmark:
Another bookmark:
Ok, please try to disable our autosync and try again.
I disable autosync. When I make "Manual Sync - Merge" everthing is ok.
"RSS" bookmarks disappeared again on Firefox on Ubuntu (disable autosync). I have to disable EverSync.