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Sync doesn't work on Chrome

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It is synsing forever, I had to cancel, now I think I would never try this again.

Extension simply doesn't work.

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Ditto for me. What has happened?
a sync bejelentkező lapon nem jelenik meg a 2 mező  
the two fields does not appear in the login page of the sync
ca you post screenshot here, please?
Here is a link to video where you can see it doesn't work:

Sync on Chrome has always worked for me, but I have used either overwrite server data (when I add new groups or dials) or overwrite computer data (when my computer data has become corrupted). Today, for the first time, I hit the "Merge" button. Sync started and has been running for over 5 min. It also will not let let cancel the sync process, or just log out to break the sync process. I am stuck in a perpetual sync mode.

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Maybe try http://teamviewer.com/ for check? Please write to fvdmedia@gmail.com

I used Eversync for some years but from a few months ago whn trying to sync in syncs "forever" !!!


This is horse shit. I want my $45 back. this thing doesn't even work at all on Chrome. After failing over and over it wiped out all my bookmarks, luckily I backed them up first. THEN it started failing to upload from Firefox too. Nimbus is completely failing at a fairly basic task here. REFUND!


Hello, Braden

Can you describe problem step by step? Your account have more 26.000 bookmarks. Do you see all your bookmarks here - http://everhelper.me/client/ ?

After disabeling avira antivirus - sync works OK !!!

The problem is not originating from not being able to upload, it is regarding how often the program fails...it locks up and says "uploading" forever, never finishes, then I restart Chrome (or FF) and then the upload fails every upload. While it says uploading, in Task Manager, there is no network traffic, so the extension is clearly locking up and not actually doing anything for a lengthy period of time. Eventually they show up in the server online, but that is pointless as they never make back to the other browser which is the whole point of the program.

In regards to disabling my AV, i have Kaspersky, the most highly regarded and protective AV on the market. I can't add EverSync as an exception because it is only an extension, not an actual program. I am NOT going to simply deactivate my AV, that is the stupidest thing anyone could do in this age of CryptoLocker and other harmful ransomwares.

I have requested a refund for the $45 premium license. I had to get the premium as I have well over 15,000 bookmarks i use for work. Over 500,000 in fact.

The Chrome extension is CPU intensive. The syncing of bookmarks does not end.


Did you try to download or upload bookmarks?

I just pressed the sync button. I was able to figure out what the problem is. It was a bug. Angry bug. My 20 bookmarks were cloned at about 37000. I think this happened when I clicked "merge information on pc and server". For some reason, even the same bookmarks were simply cloned and this happened for a long time. Now deleted bookmarks. Synchronization OK.

I did as recommended. Thanks!