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I would like to be able to choose the search provider that I use in the search bar since I don't always use the same one. Eg when doing research for projects I do not use google

I would appreciate that too
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Do any of these feature requests ever get added? It does not seem like it.
Firefox already has a search bar where you can set whatever search engine you want. The speed dial search bar should search ..... uh .... your speed dials.

It's been three years and this feature is still not implemented.


I've looked all over.  Can't find any way to replace Yahoo as the search engine of choice.  Would very much like to use DuckDuckGo instead of any of the search engines that track me.  Until then, I won't be using search on the speed dial screen.


FVD is a great add-on but its suspicious that one of the least secure search engines is the default for FVD and can't be changed to what the user prefers.   So, that being sai, there are plenty of other add-ons that can replace FVD and may very well be better.  So whats it going to be?  Put an option in to change the search engine and give up whatever scam or hack your cooking or start losing users.  This is creepy...  You can't even reply to these people.  Just about despicable.


Seriously, this is THE top most requested change by at least 60% and it has been sitting here unaddressed for over 5 years. The only way they haven't discussed this multiple times in meetings is by willfully ignoring it. They know it is here and that the vast majority want it but they just do not care.

Time to move on to one that is being actively developed by honest actors who care about their users. Peace out.

An unwanted search bar has suddenly appeared at the top the screen, above my tiles. Is there a way to remove it completely, and permanently? Thanks.

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