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It won't sync on IOS

Rodrigo Hss 9 лет назад обновлен Prometheus 9 лет назад 7
Just installed EverSync on my IOS 8.1.1 iPhone 6 Plus and it asks me to Login. After I login it brings my bookmarks but not my FVD Dials... it just shows MY DIALS automatically created, but not all my groups and dials.
My issue is similar, but I cannot get bookmarks nor speed dials to sync at all. Installed Eversync on my iPhone and iPad -same result - the "Please wait..." message just sits there and spins.

OP was 6 months ago without any response. So I'm not hopeful that anyone from FVD will help. Even though the app says to come here to get help instead of leaving a negative review... I'll give it a chance.
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We updated version for iPhone and we are waiting approve by Apple team.
We will update soon ipad and ios builds. Sync will work again.
Okay, great - faith restored. :) I'll watch for the iOS app updates. Thank you!
UPDATE: Updated to the latest version 2.1 from 5/29/2015 on iPhone and still does not sync. The "Sync is in progress..." message never completes. Same result on iPad version 2.0.2 from 5/19/2015. Neither update resolved this issue.
Hmm, please tell me your account to fvdmedia@gmail.com Do you need to download dials?
Okay - I will email you my account. Yes, I need to have the dials and bookmarks downloaded on my iPad and iPhone. Both devices are empty except for the default group that comes with the app.

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