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Bookmarks duplicated, how to save single bookmarks and not alphabetical??!

Carina 9 years ago updated by nimbusweb 5 years ago 2
A few problems I need help with:
I have just installed Everhelper and FVD Speed Dial on all my browsers:

1.Bookmarks doubled up- how did this happen?
So I have the side menu showing the bookmarks and underneath is another folder with imported from Firefox [on my Firefox browser] why?

2.My bookmarks are not in alphabetical order, how can I make them go back into the right order?

Image 153

3.Saving single bookmarks- how? Before I would use the standard browser settings to save bookmarks, but if I do that now the bookmarks will then have to be transferred to the Everhelper bookmarking system.? How can they be saved without having to copy and paste into Everhelper?
We should be able to save with a single click. Have I missed something?

Image 154

Can anyone advise me please?

I have noticed these are questions asked 1-2 years ago and doesn't seem to be any solutions or replies to these. I have just invested in this product only to find these issues. Is there a work around?

This still has not gotten any better,   I don't see how anyone would buy this .   If it erases bookmarks when syncing and doubles up when uploading,  not in order even though my bookmarks are,  It should just upload my bookmarks as they are not change them after uploading them,  then after doubling bookmarks complain you have too many, yeah duh if you double my bookmarks I am going to have too many.

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Duplicating bookmarks is not our fault. You need to disable the internal synchronization of bookmarks in Google Chrome