Group 'folders' and subsorting

Jenetikitty 9 лет назад 0
It'd be awesome to have subfolders, or some other method of organization beyond to basic group level...

I, for example, play a number of games. For each game, I have a number of websites that I use as references, or to look things up... However, for each game, there are only 3-6 individual sites that I care to book mark individually. I don't want a new group for each game... but It'd be nice to have a group for "gaming" and then have individual folders so that I can put all of the links in game-specific subfolders, so that I can have 2, or 200 links as I need without having to fret about if my GW2 links are going to overcrowd the WoW links, and so forth.

There are a lot of other places it'd come in useful...

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