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Duplicates bookmarks in Android

Jerry Tonneman 7 years ago updated by nimbusweb 7 years ago 3

I've installed Eversync on several computers and my Android phone. I noticed on Android there isn't an option to select what way you want your bookmarks to be synchronized like the pc version does: Merge/overwrite local data/overwrite server data. Therefore, after syncing on my phone I end up with a lot of duplicates. It's a hassle to delete the unnecessary ones one by one. I found this forum thread which describes the same issue: https://fvdmedia.userecho.com/topic/338743-eversync-has-duplicated-all-bookmarks-on-sync/

I wonder of this is something that can be fixed?

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Do you use EverSync on Chrome browser?


Yes, both Chrome and Firefox. On Android I make use of CM Browser. I

Please try to disable Google sync for bookmarks in Chrome browser.