Doesn't work at all on Firefox on a Mac

Kouichi Nakamura 10 aastat tagasi uuendatud 10 aastat tagasi 1
I'm using the latest Mac OS X (10.9.4) and Firefox (30.0) both at office and home. I just installed FVD speed dial to both the Mac computers. It worked well on one at office, but not on the other one at home. I disabled all other addons, but FVD speed dial still doesn't work. Clicking the button in the address bar doesn't cause anything. Loading the page chrome://fvd.speeddial/content/fvd_about_blank.html just shows a blank page (the same shows the speed dial page at office machine). All I can do is to open Tools > Add-ons > Extensions and open the preference dialog for FVD speed dial. Any ideas? I wonder if some about:config parameters are causing conflicts, but not sure.
I decided to recreate Firefox Profile folder for the home machine. After backing up the Profile folder and bookmarks and quiting Firefox, I deleted Users/xxxxx/Library/Apllication Support/Firefox folder. Then relaunched Firefox. With a help of Firefox sync and Eversync addon, one by one I recovered addons and bookmarks. Now FVD Speed Dial is running! I assume some of the files in Profile folder was broken or conflicting.