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There doesn't seem to be a way to set FVD as speed dial for Opera. Why?

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I have no idea how to set FVD Speed Dial as the default speed dial in Opera. I've tried the Custom New Tab Page but the URL for Speed Dial only leads to the FVD SITE not to being able to set FVD Speed Dial as the main speed dial in place of Opera's bult in one? What's the point of having this in Opera when it doesn't function in Opera the same way it does in Firefox? Firefox is the worst browser ever so I'm not about to use it at all. Please fix this issue and make it easier to use as a default dial.

Thank You for your time

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To replace default speed dial instead of Custom New Tab Page mentioned

below one could use Custom Home Page -

In its options place the following into the address field - extension://pncpfofkienlinhfknpmgjnjhdoclfhh/newtab.html
Now when you open a new page the cursor will automatically move to the address bar.