able to delete duplicates

DRMcQuaig il y a 9 ans mis à jour par Blake Paris il y a 7 ans 1
Some files get duplicated into new folders from one browser to another with sync. We need the ability to delete duplicates with a filter button or a search for duplicates button.

I concur. The find duplicates feature cannot find dups that exist in "duplicate folders" - "duplicate folders", by the way, are generated by the sync feature, causing a cluster-frak of a mess. Those duplicates caused my quota to reach it's limit. Furthermore, when you search for dups, the script freezes in the browser, likely because EverHelper created those duplicates causing an overload.

If this is their diabolical strategy to make people upgrade, it won't work. They will do just as I did: STOP USING AND USE SOME OTHER TOOL.