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Speed Dial home page is blank and I can't access my dials

Tom Taylor 9 лет назад обновлен Vasilis Stamatiou 8 лет назад 6
My home page and new tab pages are now blank and I cannot access my dials. It doesn't appear that my dials have been lost though as when I add a dial via the toolbar I can see my groups of dials and the number of dials in them.

I have done nothing that I can think of to prompt this change and it happened mid-browsing which seems especialy odd. I have restarted firefox with addons disabled and nothing happened unfortunately.

I have attached an image of the 'new' speed dial home page.

Image 117
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Please try to make double click on your dial page.
Wow thank you, I feel like such an idiot now...
How do I now delete this post since it is a rather dumb one and definitely not a bug?
I am having this exact issue. Can anyone help?
Please try to make double click on your dial page. If it isn't help please write to fvdmedia@gmail.com

i am having this problem. it occurs randomly. tabs apparently exist only disappear. last time i dont remember how i fixed it. eversync is enabled but even when i use it the result remains the same. if i use the any backup the result remains the same. cleaning the cache and all the options that firefox allows doesnt change anything

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