Add a search box under each thumbnail ?

Osiris Skaia 9 years ago 0
What would be a killer feature would be to have the possibility to add under each dial a specified search box. We would have to choose which search engine (from the ones we already registered in firefox search box) we want to associate just like we choose the visual for each dial.
Let's say i have 3 dials, "cinemotion" "google" and "amazon".
We would be able to add a box under each that would launch a search with the definied search engine... of course we would have to define which search engine to use for each dial (or left it empty).
That would be great as i often open websites just to start a search in those websites, that would save a lot of time for many people like me, especially if you manage your search engines and use "add to search bar" add-on.
Let's say i want to search for "transformers" on cinemotion, i would just add to type "transformers" in the box below the cinemotion shortcut, and it would just launch the search on cinemotion.
Of course, one more time, available search engines would be user's defined.