Refinements needs to be redone

Drew Smith 9 years ago updated by nimbusweb 9 years ago 3

This feature drives me crazy because it always appears (delayed) exactly where the first Google search result was. So as soon as I click on my desired result, the "refinements" links pop up under my cursor and I end up getting directed to some strange search engine. It really needs to be put in a different place and preferably not be delayed. Because I don't see this being fixed, I have simply disabled this annoying "feature."

Also, there is no excuse to use some obscure search engine when someone is trying to use Google. It is a nice feature, but I use the Google search engine for a reason and have no interest in this strange other one for which the entire screen of results is just advertisements. Obviously this is just a way to make income, so I understand why it exists, but it turns this feature into an annoying burden. If you actually want this feature to be worthwhile and useful, just have it use Google (or whatever search engine you are using in the first place).

Hi, just turn them off in settings.

Like I said, I did turn it off. This is just a suggestion to change the way it works.

it is just slow response time from the server.. we will try to make adjustments..

thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.