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EverSync has duplicated all bookmarks on sync

Gabriele Rescaldani 11 years ago updated by nimbusweb 5 years ago 30
Sometimes happens that EverSync duplicates all my bookmarks on sync. It's the second time since I began to use this extension.
Can someone explain why it happens?
check a feedback status .
I can't find it. Can you provide me some keywords for my seach?
can i send back old back up file in my phone story and google ? happy new years :) 
I know this topic is old but it is till happening. It seems to me that this happens when I add a new bookmark via chrome mobile. On my desktop I use firefox.
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Please try to disable Google Sync for bookmarks in your mobile.

This continues to happen for me and while I'm using EverHelper to remove the duplicates, the problem still returns. I have only 10 bookmarks in my Bookmarks Bar, yet I've had to delete 600+ duplicates in the last week alone. This is untenable.


Do you have problem in  Chrome or Firefox?

Hello, please I have the same issue and only in firefox !

On other browser works good.


When and how did it happen? Have you installed the latest EverSync update?

Do you use separate EverSync addon? https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/fvd-synchronizer/

It happens only from some days. Now installed latest update 15.3.5 (had 15.3.4).

I will inform you if it works or not.

Many tanks !

We noticed the bug with folder duplicates. We'll fix it soon in the next update.

The current version on Firefox Add-ons website doesn't have such problems.

I've had Eversync standard for more than a month on Firefox Quantum. Seemed to be working OK, so I paid for Pro.

Within minutes, EverStink started duplicating my bookmarks and bookmark directories. I realised it does this faster than I can delete them, both in Firefox Bookmarks and EverStink's system. I've now disabled this program, so it doesn't repeat this exercise.AND I JUST PAID FOR IT THREE HOURS AGO!!!


Please try to disable Firefox sync for bookmarks.

Many tanks, it seems to work now with 15.3.5

The issue is still not fixed on Firefox. Version 15.3.7

Do you still have duplicates? Check your bookmarks on server (everhelper.me). If there is not duplicates there, just do Download in EverSync settings.

I tried just that. On every "Download" it creates new duplicates in firefox.

Do you use only EverSync or Speed dial with EverSync buit-in too? Tell us your account, we'll check it.

I have the same problem... it's driving me nuts ! I have a few thousand of bookmarks at the moment


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can you find my account this way?

Hello! We'd like to have full name of your login. What causes the problem you have? You try to make download? or merge?

I'm having this issue and keep reverting back to an earlier backup that doesn't have the duplicates.

Hello! PLease, tell us your account info,  OS and browser version.

You should be able to get my email address (same as my account) from my registration on this site...not wanting to post that publicly.

For OS and browser version, I'm using Chrome beta channel (Currently v69) and use a mix of OS's including Mac OS 13 and Chrome OS 69 (beta channel). I regularly use three different systems, two Macs and then the Chromebook.

So, to see your problem, we should check it in Mac OS 10.13 Chrome beta 69? 

We don't see your login on this website. Please, send it to gleb.khegay@gmail.com

Also send us your local database

9/30/19 This problem still exists.


Did you check this article - https://everhelper.desk.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2397810-why-am-i-getting-duplicates-of-my-bookmarks-in-google-chrome-and-mozilla-firefox-

28/11/19 I have read the article above and tested multiple scenarios. From my experience, to avoid duplicates the only way is to allow the browsers to use their own inbuilt sync option "like for like". i.e. Firefox syncs with Firefox, Chrome with Chrome, Opera with Opera and ONLY use the manual option within EverSync (uncheck auto-sync) to sync between browser types via the Eversync online repository by uploading a known "good" copy of your bookmarks ("Overwrite server data") and then download that copy to your various other browsers ("Overwrite local data"). Each browser type will then sync between themselves correctly. It's clumsy but this is the only way I have found to avoid duplicate bookmarks. Even with all inbuilt browser syncs turned off Eversync still creates duplicate after duplicate until my quota is exceeded. A neat idea but it doesn't quite work properly in my humble opinion. Free to use so I'm not complaining (much :)


Did you try to disable internal sync in all browsers?