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It's taking forever to sync bookmarks to a fresh chrome install.. import worked fine for my firefox

How many bookmarks do you have?

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.. btw: Chrome on Windows is fine, Chrome on Linux isn't :(


i'm having a terrible time syncing from my IOS to my mac.  keeps telling me  sync in not available at this time please try later.

any ideas why this is continuously happening?  the account is not full by the way.





Do you have Google Bookmarks sync disabled? 

Exact same problem here. Just reformatted my machine, installed Chrome and of course came with it all my apps and extensions. First thing I did was disable Bookmarks in Advanced Sync - still makes no difference. It just hangs on syncing and doesn't do anything.

p.s. using Windows 8.1

Yeah it doesn't work because if you look at Chrome in Task Manger, it is not responding. Fails to upload half of the time and the other half it just hangs and says it's uploading but takes forever because it is not actually doing anything. Just look at your network traffic....no upload! Now it's tailing on FF too. I want a refund!