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Random syncing

Torgsyv 9 years ago updated by Braden Dodge 7 years ago 3
Evernote sync seems to work randomly when not hanging.
It would be nice to know the algorithm.
Personally, I sync manually via Dropbox. Easy and SAFE
Under review

I don't understand you. Evernote or EverSync? Please tell me more details/

I confuse them because they are of the same, inferior quality

"inferior quality"....EverNote is not inferior, it far outperforms PoS OneNote and is a great program. This "EverSync" PoS though, it is total garbage. How long can it possibly take to upload and sync less than 10 MB's of SHORTCUTS???? I tried an experiment with ONE bookmark and it took 3 minutes. THREE MINUTES for ONE bookmark!!! What a joke.