Multiple Google Accounts

Eric D. Gingrich 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 3

Eversync worked for my first google chrome account, but when I tried to set it up on my second google account I kept getting either a "sync failed," or it didn't have my bookmarks after restarting chrome, or it hung on the "syncing this may take 40 seconds" dialog box.

Actually, the "merge" option does not work on my first google chrome account either. I get a "failed to sync" error. I can download the bookmarks, but that's it.

Hi. Try Download or Upload first.

I uploaded from Firefox before I started with chrome. The download option doesn't work in chrome with a managed Google account. I have a Google account managed by my school that refuses to sync with eversync no matter where or how many times I try. Eversync ends up putting the bookmarks into my home Google account, and adding a new set of them (doubling, tripling, etc) for every time I tried to download them to my school managed account.