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The app has crashed and I have lost all the dials and cant restart it.

Artak 8 years ago updated by nimbusweb 8 years ago 8
After last session which was Ok I just turn on the Chrome but all my dials disappeared and Speed Dial does not work
Under review

Can you send me screenshot of your current screen?
Yes. I tryed to see in settings but no result 
Press F12 and make screenshot
I send you. This is all I see when I open my Chrome browser with FDV Speed Dial
if you press F12 you should see such panel and switch to Console tab
Install EverSync

you will be able to sync you dials and bookmarks and restore even if you reinstall your OS. try to install it, see if it will show any dials locally like here

if you still have them you can Upload them and reinstall Speed Dial. Than download them back.