Twice now all my speed dials have changed to other dials in Russian.

Dave Zappo 10 years ago updated by nimbusweb 10 years ago 10
The first time I was able to use the auto backup, today it did it again and all of them have changed to other dials in Russian. I changed my sync password. I don't have any virus's. Have I been hacked? Help.
Hi, do you mean that you got someone else dials?
Yes. Twice. VERY odd.
i have 163 Dials in Russian.
I could post a screen shot?

i see my "most visited" are normal - but all others and categories are someone's else apparently and in Russian.

Correction -- The autosave did have my dials and i am using those but i'd still like to know what's going on ... I live some of the Russian dials on the server.

hi there - am still here. i saved the Russian Dials on the Server. Any clues? Is there something I should do?

I never did get a response as to what happened. Any help?
I'm not quite understand  what you mean. Do you speak Russian? Could you please write me: pavel.sherbakov@gmail.com