Hello! Привет! Thx for good product! I am using it second day and what I would like to see.

Artur K 9 years ago updated by Sergey Kokorev 9 years ago 2
1. Firstly, change search engines(I mean that we would be able to change, better by drop menu) or EVEN DISABLE it.
2. I would like to change place of speedials just by mouse (drag&drop).
3. Why is limit to columns only 4? Give a chance to decide by ourself!:)
4. It would be great to have hotkeys for tabs, for example in opera for 9 speeddials hotkey is ctrl+(1-9) so in this case no need to go to the speed dial page. Fast and great!
Ready to contribute few dollars, to say thx. Maybe and others will not only ask :).